Welcome to The Marco Corporation!

The Marco Corporation would like to welcome you to our new website and blog page. If you aren’t familiar with us and what we do, let us start out by introducing ourselves. The Marco Corporation is all about helping businesses with their warehousing and distribution needs. Our services span everything from receiving and inventory management to co-packaging and kitting and so much more. In today’s blog, we’d like to explain what we do and how we may be able to help your business. Keep reading to learn more.

A Complete Solutions Provider

The Marco Corporation is an experienced and dedicated jack-of-all-trades. Whatever you need help with, chances are, we can do it. For over 45 years our family-owned company has helped businesses of all sizes with warehousing and distribution as well as fulfillment and technology. The following is a list of just a few of the services we offer.

Warehousing Space

If you’re looking for secure storage for your products, The Marco Corporation has it. We have over 250,000 square feet of space in North America and a highly-trained and detail-oriented team to manage it. From the time your product is received until the time it leaves our facility, you can rest assured that our qualified team will take care of it every step of the way. 

Barcode and effective lot-tracking practices ensure that you’ll always have full insight into your inventory. Plus, our modern ERP and shipping systems combined with rigorous quality controls allow you to trust that your inventory is in good hands. 

For particularly high-value or exclusive products, we also offer multiple secure storage options. Caged lock-up areas provide added security and our concrete vault is monitored by its own security system for the most sensitive of products. Of course, our entire warehousing space is also monitored by round-the-clock security including advanced video technology.


Kits are an effective marketing tool and enticing way to sell your product, but they require extra management and labor to pull off. Take the headache out of kit assembly by partnering with a third-party fulfillment provider who can help simplify and streamline your fulfillment process. When you trust us to do your kitting, you reduce your labor costs, improve operational efficiency, and if you use us for warehousing, reduce the space it requires to store all of your kit components.   


Co-packaging is the perfect solution for businesses who don’t have the time, equipment, or capacity to pack their own products. It also makes sense to work with a partner who is already set up to package all types of products. Packaging equipment is costly to buy and maintain, and oftentimes you need skilled operators to run it. Avoid this hassle by letting The Marco Corporation be your co-packer. 


Need to get your product from point A to Point B? We can help with that too! We have preferred relationships with many major courier companies and use a proprietary shipping system that automatically calculates the best carrier for the job. Concerned about getting deliveries across the border? The Marco Corporation has an internal customs department and years of experience dealing with international shipments. Deliveries to the U.S. are easy too — considering we have an office located in New York.


Sometimes the most beneficial marketing tools are the most difficult to manage. If your business needs help with rebates, contest management, or even sending out direct mailers, you can count on us to lend a helping hand. We’ll make sure your contests and sweepstakes meet all legal requirements, we can track all of your rebates, we can help plan and analyze any of your promotions. 

Loyalty Programs

Just about every business has a loyalty program nowadays — and for good reason. They help build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable partner to help you create and execute your loyalty program, The Marco Corporation can help. From planning and implementation to reporting and analysis, we can help you create a custom program that is sure to meet your goals.  

How Can We Help?

We’ve only touched on a few of the many services that we provide. We haven’t even mentioned the technology services that we offer, including web design, e-commerce, and database management. 

For a more complete list of our warehousing and distribution and other services that we offer, we invite you to take a look at our website or reach out to a member of our team. We’ll be happy to discuss your business needs and explain how we can help. Perhaps you only need our assistance in one key area, but more often than not, our customers find that by partnering with us on a combination of services they are able to achieve the best results. Interested in learning more? Contact us at one of our offices in Brantford, ON.