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The Marco Corporation provides a full range of solutions to help companies meet their fulfillment, warehousing, kitting, and shipping needs. Call today to learn how we can help you.

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The Marco Corporation team is full of experts in the services we offer. We can help you where and when you need it most. Whether you need help with fulfillment, pick-pack-ship, contest and sweepstakes management, secure storage for goods, co-packaging, or all of the above, The Marco Corporation is your complete solutions provider.

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Whether you’re big or small, are just getting started, or have been in the industry for decades, most businesses could use a little help in areas that are necessary, but not in their area of expertise. For instance, if you manufacture a particular item, you probably know the ins and outs of how it's put together, but you may not know how to effectively and efficiently get it to your customers. The Marco Corporation has developed expertise and has the expert resources in many different areas that could be beneficial to you.


receiving & inspection

From the moment your products arrive at our warehouse, our dedicated team of professionals will carefully inspect, record, and handle them as if they were their own. We have a very meticulous set of operating procedures, rigorous audit controls, and an ERP system to ensure everything is accounted for and documented.

kit assembly

Combining multiple items into one unit is useful for products that require assembly, and it’s also an effective way to bring awareness to more of your products. The Marco Corporation canhandle yourkit assembly and improve your operational efficiency.


Prepare your products into retail-ready units and creating point-of-purchase displays are two things that can slow down your operation. At The Marco Corporation, we have a wide range of packaging capabilities plus we can provide assembly, sub-assembly, and material insertion for POP displays. Plus, we also have full tracking capabilities to ensure accurate shipments and consistent displays.

inventory management

The Marco Corporation has over 250,000 square feet of secure warehouse space where our highly trained team and rigorous quality controls will ensure your inventory is properly tracked and stored. You won’t have to wait until someone does a manual count or runs a report to get the information you need — barcode labeling, effective lot-tracking practices, and an easy-to-use online dashboard ensure you’ll know just how much inventory you have on hand.

secure storage

Your inventory will be safe and secure in our warehouse fitted with a 24/7 security system and state-of-the-art video surveillance. We also track all of the traffic going in and out of the facility to ensure only authorized personnel have access. Do you have sensitive or highly valuable products that require storage? We also offer caged lock-up areas and a concrete vault that’s armed with a dedicated alarm system.

customs & logistics

Handling important cross-border customs processes can be one of the biggest headaches for businesses that ship internationally. At The Marco Corporation, we have a dedicated internal customs team that manages brokerages, duties, legal requirements, and more. Let our customs team help you handle the paperwork and processes so your products can get to where they need to go.

contest & sweepstakes management

Setting up a contest or sweepstakes is a great way to promote your company, but managing them can be complicated and time-consuming. At The Marco Corporation, we’ll help you do everything from start to finish, including preparation of the rules and regulations as well as release forms or affidavits. We offer online promotions, prize sourcing and fulfillment, and anything else you need to ensure your contest is perfectly executed.

rebate processing

Offering a purchase incentive in the form of a rebate is an excellent strategy for promoting your product. However, they take time and require a detail-oriented team to ensure submissions are tracked and processed appropriately. Save time and ensure proper execution of your program by trusting The Marco Corporation to manage your rebates. We use a proprietary, technologically advanced system to ensure accurate tracking while providing full transparency for our customers.


Premium offers or targeted sampling campaigns can boost sales and customer loyalty but they take a lot of time and effort to manage. Let The Marco Corporation free up your resources by helping you validate, plan, create, and execute your program as well as ensure it meets all legal requirements.

call center services

A missed call could easily mean a lost customer. Let The Marco Corporation make sure you stay in touch and never miss a call again. We have standard, dedicated, and vanity phone lines as well as unlimited toll-free numbers and online chat support. Our live operators provide a personal touch and can even answer the phone in one of three languages.

e-commerce website development

Just about every business has a professional website, but if you are still selling your products through traditional brick and mortar stores, you’re missing out. Expand your reach and market your goods to the millions of people who shop online with an e-Commerce website designed to entice people to buy. We’ll collaborate with you throughout the design process to ensure it meets your needs and appropriately represents your brand. Plus, we’ll make sure it’s fast, secure, and easy for your customers to use.

online reporting and dashboards

It’s hard to know if you’re making the right decisions for your business if you aren’t accurately measuring your results. The Marco Corporation can help you record and track key metrics that will give you insight into what’s working and what’s not. Then we’ll give you full access to download or print your detailed reports so you can view them wherever and whenever you please. With the power of data in your hands, you can continuously work to improve your business and take it to new heights.

product sourcing and customization

The right promotional products are one of the most effective forms of advertising and they can go a long way in building trust in your brand. Promotional merchandise can be tangible such as a logo hat, or abstract, such as a giveaway. The Marco Corporation can assist you with identifying and sourcing the right promotional merchandise for your audience and business goals.

Customized Services To Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re a small business just starting out or a large international corporation, we have the resources and expertise to fulfill your supply chain and fulfillment needs.

For close to 50 years, we’ve built partnerships, learned from our mistakes, and sharpened our skills. We’ve worked with hundreds of people across all types of industries and have built expertise in many areas including the following:








consumer packaged goods




customs and logistics

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When you partner with someone like The Marco Corporation for fulfillment and warehousing services, you’ll not only get the space you need and a helping hand to execute orders, but you’ll be working with an expert who can assist you by providing data and insight on important decisions, perform essential functions more efficiently than you could likely do on your own, and give you the leverage you need to grow your business.

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