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Build brand awareness and customer loyalty with custom promotional products and distribution services from The Marco Corporation.

A Valuable Marketing Tool

According to the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada, promotional products are today’s number one most popular advertising medium. To ensure that your message is delivered in the most effective way possible, it is critical that you have the right sourcing and procurement company behind you.

Through our intuitive use of creative promotional advertising products and direct marketing services, we strengthen brand identities and enhance corporate awareness. A leader in the promotional products industry, The Marco Corporation has a specialized team of sourcing experts who are committed to finding just the right product for a particular activity. From logoed merchandise, custom promotional products, and event giveaways, to product launches, online stores, and incentive and recognition products — our team offers innovative ideas to help you grow your customer base.

Promotional Giveaways Can Be Tangible or Abstract

Promotional items are often thought of as something you can touch, wear, or carry with you. such as a pen, t-shirt, or hat. Although tangible products are popular and fit a wide range of marketing objectives, some programs call for a more abstract promotional giveaway. In such cases, there is no physical product to give but there is still perceived value. Some examples of an abstract giveaway could be a waived credit card fee, a discount on a future purchase, or a complimentary consultation. It’s important to decide whether a tangible or intangible promotional product will be best based on your program goals and target customer — and we can help you do just that.



Compared to other forms of advertising, promotional merchandise requires a relatively small investment while providing greater opportunity for return. Unlike other forms of advertising that only catch a person’s attention for a short time and then requires word-of-mouth to expand reach, tangible promotional items are often kept and carried around from place to place, increasing brand awareness and reinforcing your marketing message.

Build Brand Recognition

People are bombarded by a steady stream of information on a daily basis. This can make it difficult for businesses to stand out and be remembered.  In many cases, a prospect needs to hear or see your marketing message several times before they’ll take action. Custom promotional products are an easy and cost-effective way to get this message across. Every time they use the branded item you have given them, they will be reminded of your business and more likely to reach out to you when the time is right.

Unlimited Products To Choose From

The sky's the limit when it comes to promotional products, and The Marco Corporation can help you decide which ones are the ideal products to represent your company. We know what’s popular, but more importantly, we know which items provide the best results. We’ll ensure that your promotional products are representative of your brand and in line with your goals.

Choose Us for Your Promotional Product Needs

If you’re looking to incorporate branded promotional merchandise into your marketing strategy, The Marco Corporation is here and ready to assist you with our industry expertise and distribution services. From the initial planning and sourcing of custom promotional items to the management and distribution of your giveaways, we can do it all. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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